Insurance Billing Unit

Who we are:

The Central Billing Office Insurance Billing Unit is a group of coders and insurance professionals who generate claims on behalf of registered providers for submission to commercial insurance companies for payment determination.  The unit was created in 2008 to assist Early Intervention providers in maximizing insurance payments.  Currently, we do not do billing for AT  or DT providers.

Benefits of using the Insurance Billing Unit:

  • Entirely free to currently enrolled Early Intervention Providers.
  • Helps to maximize insurance payments.
  • Saves time for providers
  • Access to speak directly to EI-CBO staff regarding billing questions and issues.
  • We bill both the commercial insurance and CBO on behalf of our providers.

What we do:

  • Register providers and children.
  • Code encounters.
  • Prepare and submit insurance claims.
  • Handle claims status follow up.
  • Submit any requested information to insurance carriers to assist in accurate claims processing.
  • Prepare and submit appeals to insurance carriers.
  • Prepare and submit secondary claims to the CBO.

How we do it:

  •  We enroll providers and children with our unit.
  •  We receive completed encounters from enrolled providers which allow us to create claims for insurance submission.


Provider Insurance Billing Procedures

Required Provider Registration 

Sample of a completed Provider Registration

Required Participant Registration 

  1. Participant Registration Form
  2. Evaluation Report
  3. Script (not required for social work or psychiatric services)

Sample of a completed Participant Registration

Submitting Participant Encounter Forms

Sample of a completed Participant Encounter Form

Insurance Billing Unit FAX number is: (217) 492-5629

Insurance Billing Unit FAQ