Important Provider Notices

Program Announcements

COVID-19 Notices: Updated FAQ for COVID-19

Early Intervention Central Billing 835 Files are Now Available through Availity

Revised: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Early Intervention COVID-19 Policy/Procedures for Live Video Visits/EI Teletherapy (4/10/20)

Guidance for the Illinois Part C Early Intervention Live Video Visits (i.e. EI Teletherapy) during COVID-19 Pandemic (4/06/20)

Important: Update to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Early Intervention Teletherapy (4/05/2020)

Clarification on Billing Interpretation Claims during the COVID-19 Face-to-Face Service Suspension (4/1/2020)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers-Early Intervention COVID-19 Policy/Procedures (3/23/20)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers- Early Intervention COVID-19 Policy/Procedures (3/19/20)

Early Intervention COVID-19 Policy/Procedure-Assistive Technology Requests (3/19/20)

Early Intervention COVID-19 Guidance(3/16/2020)

COVID-19 and the Impact on Early Intervention Central Billing Office Claims Processing

Notice to Providers regarding changes to Early Intervention Psychology and Other Counseling Service Procedure Codes (02/11/20)

2nd Addendum to New Requirement for CMS 1500/UB04 Claim Forms (10/02/19)

Early Intervention Provider Rate Increases-Effective July 1, 2019 (09/24/19)

Addendum to New Requirement for CMS 1500/UB04 Early Intervention Claim Form (09/18/19)

New Requirement for CMS 1500/UB04 Early Intervention Claim Forms (09/16/19)

Change in Social Work and Other Counseling Evaluation/Assessment Code (09/11/19)

Update to Rate Increase: Effective for dates of Service 07/01/19 and After (07/09/19) 

FY20 Provider Rate Increase Announcement

IMPACT Enrollment Instructions: Assistive Technology FAO/DMS

Program Help for Early Intervention Providers

Virtual Office Hours: For individuals new to the early intervention system, it is common for questions to arise when learning the ropes. The Early Intervention Partners (Early Intervention Training Program (EITP), Provider Connections, Early Intervention Clearinghouse, Central Billing Office and the EI Monitoring Program are excited to announce Virtual Office Hours! On the first Tuesday of each month, from 3-4pm, new providers will have the opportunity to ask questions about our field and our work. Partners will be available to answer your questions and provide clarification, guidance and support as you familiarize yourself with the EI program. You may call in every month or intermittently, as it suits you. There is no fee for this service, and no credit hours will be awarded. This is open to providers in their first year. No question is too small! We are here for you!

EITP Presents Virtual Office Hours: Youtube Video


  • IMPACT Notice: Entering in a License Number-02/01/18

Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) staff have been advised that there is an issue with the interface between IMPACT and the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) when providers enter their license number as it appears on the license.

An Illinois Professional License might include a special character, such as a period, as part of the license number. Entering this special character as part of a license number in IMPACT will stop the system from matching the license number as registered with the IDFPR. Please refrain from entering any special characters as part of your license number in IMPACT, even if the special character appears on your license.

If you have received an email, such as the one below, from the IMPACT Help Desk and your licensure has not expired, please contact the IMPACT Help Desk at 1-877-782-5565 for assistance.

Provider ID: 0000000

Provider Name: Provider, Licensed

The State of Illinois Medicaid Program has been notified that your professional license expired on **/**/****. All providers requiring licensure to practice in the State of Illinois must maintain a current licensure as a condition of participation in the Illinois Medicaid Program.

You have been terminated as an Illinois Medicaid provider due to the expiration of your professional licensure. If your license is reinstated, you may reapply for enrollment as a Medicaid provider.

To re-apply or if you have any questions about the Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT), please contact 1-877-782-5565 or reply to this email.

Please note, that in many cases, this email will be sent to the agency email address where your enrollment was completed. If you do not have access to emails from IMPACT pertaining to your Provider enrollment, please request that the agency IMPACT Administrator with your agency add your preferred email to your IMPACT enrollment information.

Thank you.


Developmental Therapist

Interpreter/ Translators


  • No Notices at this time. 

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist


  • No Notices at this time. 

Social Worker

Speech Therapist

Transportation Providers

  • The CBO now offers electronic claim submission for transportation claims via Qclaims.  If you do not have a Qclaims account simply visit and view the initial sign up documentation. After signing up then review the Transportation Claims in QClaims document for provider set up and claim submission procedures.   If you already have a Qclaims account, you will use your current log on information to access Qclaims. You then need to review the Transportation Claims in QClaims document for provider set up and claim submission procedures.


  • No Notices at this time. 


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