Provider Handbook 12/2016

EICBO Information for Providers

Billing Requirement for Paper Claim Submission

Denial Codes

How to Send Resubmitted or Corrected Claims to the Central Billing Office

IOC Website on Early Intervention Payments

Billing Information Release Form (5/14) – CQuest is commited to protecting the privacy of the Protected Health Information (PHI) and complying with HIPAA Privacy Rules and Regulations. In doing so the Billing Information Release Form must be completed by the provider prior to releasing or disclosing of any PHI BIR Instructions.

Transportation Billing Form (06/13) -This is the transportation services billing form for Early Intervention. Instructions

Electronic Billing– Qclaims is the Early Intervention Central Billing Office’s method of allowing EI providers to submit claims electronically to the Central Billing Office.  This software is free, easy to use and completely HIPAA compliant.  Additionally, it drastically cuts the time from claim submission to provider payment, creates a permanent record of your billing and submission dates, and reduces your cost of doing business in EI.  To get started simply visit  and view the initial sign up documentation.

Early Intervention Training Program Resource Document: Working in Early Intervention as a Child Care Provider   English ¦ Spanish

CBO HIPAA Companion Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Videos: