Tips and Resources for Early Interventionists Using Telephone Consultation Time to Connect with Families

Developed by EITP in collaboration with system stakeholders:

How do I refer to Early Intervention?

Use the Standardized Illinois Early Intervention Referral Form. Full completion of the form provides the EI team with information helpful to determine appropriate evaluations and services for the child. Send the form by fax to the appropriate Early Intervention Child and Family Connections office (CFC) based on the child’s zip code. If faxing is impossible, you or the parent may call the CFC directly. The local CFC can be located through the DHS Office Locator.

Illinois EI Program Referral Fax Back Form

Early Intervention Central Billing Office Billing Information for Providers

Additional Provider Resources

  • Early Intervention Training Program Resource Document: Working in Early Intervention as a Child Care Provider   English ¦ Spanish
  • Early Intervention Documents, Forms, Reports and Worksheets
  • CBO HIPAA Companion Guide
  • Signing up for Electronic Provider Claim Summary (ePCS) Delivery- An ePCS is the electronic form of the paper Provider Claim Summary (PCS) that is printed and mailed by the Central Billing Office. The recipients of the ePCS receive the document via email. To learn more please read the Signing up for ePCS Delivery informational document. To get started,  contact the Early Intervention Help Desk at 1-800-634-8540.

PowerPoint Presentation Videos:

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    • I would contact Monitoring for that information. That would be the office that would potentially audit your work after retirement. I do know that records must be kept for six years after the child has aged out of the program.


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