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The Early Intervention Central Billing Office (EICBO) is comprised of four unique but collaborative units that aid the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) in meeting the objectives of the state’s Early Intervention (EI) program.

The EICBO is comprised of several units to aid in the success and operation of the Illinois Early Intervention Program. Countless reports and statistical data is generated daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure program standards are met.  All of the pieces come together to aid the medically underserved.

The Central Support unit is responsible for the processing and distribution of all incoming and outgoing mail of the Central Billing Office, completing all claim preparation tasks, and is responsible for all of the printing and mailing for the Central Billing Office. Members of this unit are also responsible for the management and security of all paper claims.

The Claims Processing unit is responsible for the adjudication of both paper and electronic claims received by the Central Billing Office. Members of this unit provide technical assistance in all areas of the claims processing cycle.

The Coordination of Benefits (COB) unit is responsible for receiving and processing all benefit verification requests received from the Child and Family Connections (CFC) offices within the Early Intervention Program. Processors contact insurance providers for each EI participant with insurance coverage. Insurance benefit specifics are gathered and provided to the CFC office in an effort to maximize insurance benefits and minimize state contribution. This unit also contacts insurance providers to gather additional information to aid in claims adjudication. Adjusted and resubmitted claims are also processed by this unit.  The COB unit is also responsible for the review and issuing of Early Intervention exceptions. Technical support for insurance related claims is also provided by this unit.

The Billing unit works with EI providers whom have opted to take advantage of the service offered by the unit. Member of this unit codes claims for submission to the participant’s insurance carrier, follows up on those claims and provides claim status to providers, as well as, processing secondary claims to the EICBO on the EI provider’s behalf.

Family Fee (FF) is overseen by a Family Fee Accountant that operates within the Billing unit.  Inquiries related to Family Fee are directed and responded to by the Family Fee Accountant. The FF Accountant is also responsible for processing refunds and payments received from both EI providers and families.

Medicaid reimbursement, a significant component of the EI program, is administered by the Billing unit as well. Claims for EI Medicaid participants are submitted to Healthcare and Family Services for reimbursement to the Department of Human Services.

The EICBO also maintains the provider enrollment database. Demographic information, certifications and payment status for all EI providers are updated daily to ensure proper payment of claims and the process is completed by a member of the Insurance Billing unit.

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