Cornerstone Data Entry Errors
Given the amount of data Service Coordinators are responsible for entering, it goes without question that data entry errors will occur. If a data entry error is discovered on the day the error was made AND the CFC’s End of Day (EOD) process has not been run, the Service Coordinator must contact the Cornerstone Call Center Help Desk immediately at 866/791-4554. A Data Correction ticket will be opened and assigned to the software support team, who will contact the user as soon as possible to resolve the issue. The purpose of correcting the error prior to running the EOD is to avoid uploading incorrect data to the central office data system.

This process may also be used when a data entry error is made on a laptop that is not connected to the server. If a user makes a data entry error on a laptop that has not been uploaded to the server, the Service Coordinator must contact the CCC immediately (during normal business hours). The user will be given a Data Correction ticket number and will be asked to call back (and reference the Data Correction ticket number) once they are at the server site and ready for assistance. While waiting for the software support team to provide assistance, the user can upload the laptop and then wait for a return call from Second Level Support. To correct the error, the laptop must be in an upload status. Please do not upload and then download. Again, the purpose of correcting the error prior to running the EOD at the server site is to avoid uploading incorrect data to the central office.

Most data entry errors are not discovered on the day they are made (or prior to uploading a laptop). If a data entry error is discovered after the EOD process has run, Service Coordinators should determine if the error was discovered within the edit limits of their edit capabilities.  If not, the Service Coordinator should immediately contact their program manager to determine whether the error is able to be corrected by CFC supervisory staff. Supervisory edit capabilities are described below.

If CFC supervisory staff members are unable to correct the data entry error, and the error falls within the policy guidelines of a legitimate correction need, the Program Manager will need to complete and forward a Data Correction Request form to DHS for review. The Cornerstone Help Desk will not open a Data Correction ticket to address a data change discovered after the EOD has run without DHS approval. Completed Data Correction Request Ticket forms should be faxed to the EI Bureau Office in Chicago at 312/814-1349.

Supervisory Edit Capabilities
Early Intervention Program Data Screen (PA35)
Supervisors do not have the ability to edit the EI Program Data screen (PA35) once it is saved. Therefore, if a data error is discovered on this screen after the EOD has been run, the Program Manager must complete a Data Correction Resolution form. NOTE: If an error is made on the PA35 screen, DO NOT simply add a new PA35 and “start over.” Additionally, if a record is closed in error, DO NOT re-open the record and add a new PA35. These errors must be corrected. Contact the Cornerstone Help Desk to determine the best way to correct any inaccurate data on PA35 or inappropriate case closures.

Early Intervention Service Authorization Entry Screen
Given that EI services should NEVER be provided without authorization, the need to backdate authorizations is inherently limited. If users need to backdate authorizations, all Service Coordinators have the ability to backdate authorizations 10 calendar days from the current date. In addition, supervisory staff have the ability to backdate authorizations 30 calendar days from the current date.  The sooner the error is reported, the better the opportunity to correct the error without disruption of services or denied claims for providers.

The following fields can be corrected by supervisory staff for up to 90 calendar days (from the authorization begin date):

  • End Date
  • Method
  • Place of Service
  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Individual Provider (under the same Payee)
  • Comments
  • Amount, Ordering and License Number (Assistive Technology only)
  • Cancel – if meets all criteria of confirming non-payment status

Although DHS will work with users to correct most data entry errors, there are some requests for assistance that will be denied. For example, requests to enter or correct authorizations for providers who provided services without a/correct authorization in their possession prior to rendering services will be denied.  This is against the Provider Agreement.

When a Data Correction Request form is submitted, DHS will review the request and, if approved, fax the approved request (with any additional notes/information) to the Cornerstone Help Desk. Help Desk staff will log the request into the system and generate a Data Correction tracking number. The tracking number is faxed back to DHS and subsequently faxed to the CFC manager. Data issues that require Data Correction requests are resolved as quickly as possible.  The Cornerstone Help Desk staff assigned the request will work with the CFC as needed . If the Data Correction Request is denied by DHS, the denied request will be faxed back to the CFC from DHS.

If one or more providers have claims denied or pending due to the data error (for which a Data Correction Request has been generated), CFC staff should ensure that the provider has the Data Correction tracking number that has been assigned. In addition, CFC staff should print and send corrected authorization or other information to the provider once the Data Correction Request is resolved. In the event that the Data Correction Request is resolved after the provider’s 90 day filing limit, the provider can put the Data Correction tracking number on their claim for the EI CBO to consider when processing the claim for payment.


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