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Welcome to the Early Intervention Central Billing Office!


The purpose of this web site is to facilitate information sharing with Early Intervention providers, Early Intervention program participants and their parents or guardians, and Child and Family Connection agencies.

Much of the information provided is in response to the types and number of calls received by the EI-CBO and the Cornerstone Call Center related to the Early Intervention program. We encourage you to visit this web site before calling the help desk, as the information you need is most likely available in this site.



Provider Information Notice – Revised List of Approved Early Intervention Evaluation and Assessment tools – 08/20/15

Important Notice Regarding ICD - 10 Implementation

Early Intervention Direct Service Provider SFY16 Update for Service Provision and Payments

Update for EI Providers for SFY16 Provision of Services - Early Intervention Services Effective 07/01/15 :

To All EI Providers,

First we want to thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty.  We appreciate the dedication and difficult work you perform every day for the children and families in Early Intervention.  Your hard work does not go unnoticed!  The Bureau received approval to communicate with you the message that we DO want you to continue to honor your authorizations and provide services ongoing, after June 30, 2015.  As Illinois moves through the process of passing an approved budget, we will keep everyone posted. Every effort is being made to ensure the pending payments are paid as quickly as possible.  Without a signed budget for SFY16 beginning July 1, 2015, payments will not begin until the fiscal situation is resolved.

Again, we will forward any information we receive as quickly as possible regarding any updates to the budget process.

Public Comment on the FFY2015 Annual State Grant Application – 04/2015

"Get Covered Illinois"

Memorandum regarding Change of Address for Early Intervention Family Participation Fee Payments

Important Notice Regarding New Nepotism Policy and Procedures

Important Notice Regarding Early Intervention System Training for Interpreters for the Deaf

Important Notice Regarding New CMS-1500 Form 02/12: The new CMS-1500 form rev. 02/12 will be implemented in the QClaims system on April 6, 2014.
The CBO will accept both the old CMS-1500 and the new 1500 rev. 02/12 until further notice.

QClaims Launch Instructions for Windows

QClaims Launch Instructions for Mac

Important Notice Regarding New Speech Therapy Evaluation Code as of 01/21/14

To All Early Intervention Speech Therapy Evaluators/Billers of Early Intervention Speech Therapy Evaluations: Early Intervention would like to remind everyone that the announcement of the new codes to utilize for billing purposes for evaluations of speech are ONLY for dates of service beginning January 1, 2014.  All dates of service beginning with January 1, 2014 must be billed using the new codes. All dates of service prior to January 1, 2014 should use the 92506 code.  If you have claims to submit that contain dates of service both prior to and after January 1, 2014, you must be sure to use the correct coding based on the Date of Service.  Any claims submitted using the incorrect code(s) based on date of service will be rejected for correction. If you have any questions, please refer to the Important Notice Regarding New Speech Therapy Evaluation Code Memorandum.

Notice for Interpreters and Translators Regarding Discipline Descriptions
In effort to provide clarity on services being billed as well as to ensure non duplication in billing, the CBO is providing a list of 2 alpha character discipline descriptions to use when billing for interpretation or translation services.  The descriptions list on the EI-CBO website will be the only ones accepted by the Central Billing Office:
Alpha Code Discipline_Description_T1013 Interpretation
Alpha Code Discipline_Description_T1013_TL Translation
If you have any questions or discover there is not a description that matches the task you completed please contact the CBO @ 1-800-634-8540.

Billing Tips for Interpreters, Translators and Interpretres for the Deaf

Early Intervention Public Hearing Notice - Revisions to Early Intervention System of Payments and Fees

Important Notice Regarding Updated Requirements for Assistive Technology Request Submission

Memorandum for Family Outcomes Survey

New for Transportation Providers - The CBO now offers electronic claim submission for transportation claims via Qclaims.  If you do not have a Qclaims account simply visit and view the initial sign up documentation. After signing up then review the Electronic Transportation Claim document for provider set up and claim submission procedures.   If you already have a Qclaims account, you will use your current log on information to access Qclaims. You then need to review the Electronic Transportation Claim document for provider set up and claim submission procedures. 


Early Intervention Provider Payment Update Effective 07/31/15:

Early Intervention has secured funds to process the 06/17/15 Provider Voucher for payment.  This payment should be showing on the Comptroller website within the next few business days.  As soon as sufficient funds are available after the above-listed payments are through, additional Provider payments will be made. 

Early Intervention is continually working to secure additional revenues in order to process additional payments.  We are not always aware of when these funds may be released to the Early Intervention 502 Revolving Fund.  We also must have the funds secured into the DHS accounting systems before payments can be made.  The balance on the IOC may vary from the DHS accounting system due to pending obligations.  IOC is only the first step in the process.  While we understand the impact any delay has on every aspect of the Early Intervention Services System, we are not able to change the way the state process works.  Early Intervention receives funding from multiple sources and every effort is made to reduce the impact of the lack of funds available from one source by utilizing every other source possible.  As funds become available, payments will be made.

As always, thank you for your continued support and patience. 


Billing Information Release Form (5/14) - CQuest is commited to protecting the privacy of the Protected Health Information (PHI) and complying with HIPAA Privacy Rules and Regulations. In doing so the Billing Information Release Form must be completed by the provider prior to releasing or disclosing of any PHI BIR Instructions.

Free Insurance Billing Services – The Early Intervention program provides free Insurance Billing Services for providers participating in the program. This Insurance Billing Service is specifically designed to bill primary insurance companies on behalf of the provider free of charge for new client referrals ONLY.  For the Free Insurance Billing Information please click here.

Early Intervention Service Description, Billing Codes and Rates effective 09/1/2009 - The following link Revised Provider Handbook to the document entitled "Early Intervention Service Descriptios, Billing Codes and Rates" is for your to use beginning 09/01/2009. Please review it thoroughly. Most of the information is not new. However, it has been clarified based upon 89 Illinois Administrative Code 500 and multiple information notices that have been released since the last version, which was March 2004. All Child and Family Connections (CFC) staff are required to know this document and function. Beginning September 1, 2009 all Providers and CFC staff (where applicable) will be monitored based upon the required policies, procedures and guidelines.

Electronic Billing- Qclaims is the Early Intervention Central Billing Office’s method of allowing EI providers to submit claims electronically to the Central Billing Office.  This software is free, easy to use and completely HIPAA compliant.  Additionally, it drastically cuts the time from claim submission to provider payment, creates a permanent record of your billing and submission dates, and reduces your cost of doing business in EI.  To get started simply visit  and view the initial sign up documentation.

So, log on and start sending Qclaims!

View setup documentation, then visit to start using this free software.